A whole list of interesting nouns

I’m asking for feedback on my proposed translation(s).

“XX ska vara en arbetsplats som präglas av arbetsglädje, trygghet, utveckling, delaktighet, tillit och respekt för alla människors lika värde.”

My proposal:

“XX is to be a workplace characterised by job satisfaction, a senses of safety, personal and professional development, co-determination, trust, and respect for the equality of all people.”

Let’s list the nouns:

Arbetsglädje – job satisfaction

Trygghet – a sense of safety

Utveckling – personal development

Delaktighet – co-determination

tillit – trust

Respekt – respect

At least three of my choices might raise questions: trygghet, utveckling, delaktighet.

Trygghet. I prefer to describe how we feel, safe.

Utveckling. Translated 90% of the time as development, utveckling is an entirely overused word in Swedish and therefore translations overuse it compared to an idiomatic text. So I’m always looking for new ways of getting the idea across. Here, I’m willing to keep development with a qualifier: personal and professional development.

Delaktighet – this one is tough in general but normally we don’t say a workplace has a sense of participation. I think co-determination captures the idea of being a part of the team, belonging. Not great, but a sign of my struggle to capture the intent of the term. I could write “sense of belonging” too. Perhaps that’s better?

This brings us to the real question.  Shouldn’t we shift the actor from the workplace to the employees:

“At XX, we are focused on ensuring staff enjoy their work, feel safe, are able to develop personally and professionally, have a sense of belonging, trust each other, and respect the equality of all people..”

That’s a much more appealing sentence. Maybe I should go with it instead. Or maybe it is too much of a leap from the source.

What do you think?