is a place for discussions and sharing insights on writing, translating, editing, and teaching. I’ve started this blog for myself, for my colleagues and clients, and for all of us interested in considering our profession and our writing. While the site will undoubtedly evolve over time, my initial impetus is to share observations from my work and my teaching, discuss books and articles, and be a source of inspiration. Ultimately, I hope can evolve into a forum for language professionals and clients alike.

While I write in English, the blog exists in the context of living and working in Sweden. Guest contributors are invited to compose in their preferred language. If you are interested in contributing, send me an email at or use the form on the contact page.

Who am I?

David Ordoubadian. Translator, editor, teacher, agency owner. And bearer of many other hats.

A wayward son of Tennessee, I graduated with a BA in German and Religion from Davidson College in North Carolina. This included a year in Würzburg, Germany and after graduation a stop at the University of Regensburg. I moved to Sweden in 1989, where I’ve studied and worked at Umeå University. I’ve worked in translation for over 25 years.

I served four years on the board of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators (SFÖ) and am a member of English-Language Professionals in Swedish Higher Education (ELPS) as UKÄ’s representative.

I’m interested in learning more and sharing what I can with others. I’d be honored if you would join me.